Top 10 Reasons to Play at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker was always popular with players and there are numerous reasons why. Now that PokerStars owns Full Tilt the brand is doing well again and can only continue going up from here. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons to play at Full Tilt Poker.

  1. One of the big reasons Full Tilt used to be popular was because of the high stakes action. NL Holdem cash games are now available at $500/$1K while FL Holdem has $2K/$4K stakes. However, traffic at that level is sporadic currently.
  2. Rush Poker is the original fast-fold poker game and extremely popular at Full Tilt. The stakes start at $0.01/$0.02 and go up to $2/$4 on the Rush Poker tables. Full Tilt just recently re-launched their Rush Poker iOS app as well earlier this year.
  3. New players will enjoy the daily freeroll tournaments plus the “New to the Game” tournaments where you can win ring game tickets for free. Full Tilt has started to embrace the new poker player and there are a lot of small freerolls.
  4. Players can earn seats into live poker tournaments around the world including in Germany, Prague, Brazil, USA and more. There are always online satellites running with live tournament seats on the line with varying buy-ins including freerolls.
  5. There are over twenty different tournament formats at Full Tilt including Escalator, Matrix, On Demand, Steps and Private tournaments. Some of these formats you won’t find elsewhere, which is why tournament players enjoy Full Tilt Poker.
  6. The software is very visually appealing. The table designs depict Las Vegas scenes and there are a host of cool avatars that players can select from. You can’t upload your own avatar, but there is a lot of great 3D ones available to use.
  7. There are advanced filters and a ring game table finder tool that makes finding new games to play much easier. You can narrow down your search to the exact format you want and you’ll be presented with a list of upcoming/live poker games.
  8. Full Tilt’s software suite has a lot of special features as well including the ability to chat, view table/session stats, hotkeys, run it twice on select tables, preferred seat, ability to join a ring table game or tournament in one click and much more.
  9. You’re allowed to play up to 16 poker tables at once at Full Tilt Poker making them one of the best poker sites for those of you that multi-table. There is always enough action to fill up 16 tables, which isn’t the case at smaller poker rooms.
  10. Since PokerStars took over there is no concern about being paid out either, which is important. There are a lot of banking methods to use and payouts are being processed in 72 hours maximum as long as your account has been approved.
  11. There are a lot of reasons to play at Full Tilt Poker and I’ve only scratched the surface with the above information. I expect to see FTP grow at a fast rate and innovate their software suite now that PokerStars owns the brand. One thing they need is mobile poker.

Financial Chaos In The Current World

What seemed at first to be a United States problem has now reached every country in the world and a financial meltdown seems eminent. This is not a pessimistic thought but the chaos in the current world is definitely an indicator that the possibility is real. With Greece recently being bailed out, and Italy on the verge of needing financial backing to stay solvent, the European countries are re-evaluating their own financial systems to stabilize the economic disasters that are hitting in each individual country.

It was reported that the Euro, Europe’s single currency, is on the verge of being dismantled and smaller groups such as France and Germany are forming a new currency. The US dollar is weak considering the debt ratio versus production of products. China and Japan face their own economical disasters especially with so much invested in the United States. It seems that the world is ready to collapse financially.

The Banking System

As the banking systems continue to fail, governments from all over the world are dumping money into them to try and stabilize the economic disaster that each country is facing. Banks are beginning to downsize and larger banks are cutting back their investments into corporations, small businesses, and housing. The banks are beginning to outsource their work. With the downsizing of loans to businesses, companies are cutting back their production of goods, which causes another chain reaction of unemployment.

The Governments Bailouts

As governments continue to borrow to bailout their own countries financial instability the debt increases. Government’s income comes from businesses and people working. If people are not working the government is responsible to care for them. Also if unemployment is high, people is not spending money on products, which then force the companies of other countries to cut back their production and causes more unemployment. It is a vicious circle that eventually ends up in the chaos in the current world.

Stabilizing the Global Economic Security

Some countries are beginning to get the big picture and are moving back to manufacturing and producing goods. They are putting their citizens back to work which is starting a process of stabilization. It may be some time before the rest of the world catches on this concept and hopefully it will not be too late to stop the chaos in the current world. Governments sometimes forget that countries are built on the hard work of its people wanting a decent life. The governments have become too strong with too much control, and if they continue on their current path it will destroy a way of life that all people have become accustom to.

People today want to work and provide for their families, the government wants to protect their people and provide for financial security. But somewhere the message changed, and the governments began working for themselves, wanting to control the world’s finances. This is now deteriorating quickly so maybe out the chaos in the current world will come goodwill and prosperity for all.

Playing the many diverse poker variations

Poker has been a major crowd puller all over the world. This game has not only proved to be extensively popular around the big wide world but has also claimed the internet with its huge fan base. With the countless new websites that have encompassed the areas connected by internet, poker has attained a new face in the form of online poker games held virtually. The traditional form of poker has since evolved to accommodate the various changes and innovations that have been introduced into the game to make it more interesting and cater to the sensibilities of the different types of people who play it.


The different variations have brought a new spunk into the art of playing poker. The newly added twists and turns only help in generating more thrills to heighten the enthusiasm of the players. Moreover applying these variations to an original game is relatively very easy. The basic differences lie in the minor gaming principles like the number of cards dealt out a time, the betting limitations, the decision regarding the winner- whether the highest or the lowest hand triumphs, the number of rounds that are to be followed etc. Depending on these options, the poker games differ in their names and playing methods.


Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most famous poker games ever with a large fan following. It can be played in different ways depending upon where it is played. It is essentially played with two cards in the first deal. The varied options during betting are what make it unique to every game. It depends upon the nature of the game, if the players should fold the game, Bet, raise the bet, Call or check to bring a sense of finality to the game. Omaha too has its own versions of Omaha Hi/Lo split, Pot limit Omaha Fixed limit Omaha etc. it, being a community poker game like the Hold’em series.


Another game that offers different types of variations is Stud Poker which was famously played as Seven-card stud Poker etc. In this sort of a game half the cards are visible while the other half is hidden, and the person holding the highest visible card initiates the betting rounds. It is not related to community poker and hence does not encourage the sharing of cards.

Draw poker hails as the highest played house poker version, though it does lay claims on the profits that many make in casinos and pubs all around the world. It is an instant hit among people owing to its simplistic and interesting gaming nature. The deviations in draw poker include the likes of Five-card draw, Triple draw Lowball etc. The major rule in playing draw poker is that the first deal the player is allotted five cards which are hidden or kept face down at the start of the betting round. The reason it is called draw poker is because of the fact that it has a round dedicated to get rid of unwanted cards called the draw round after betting is over. The final showdown requires the person with the best five card hand to win.

Find more articles on the many diverse poker games here.

People Are Protesting The Chaos In The Current World

As Governments scramble to stabilize their economies from the world financial crisis, people are taking to the streets and demanding for their rights to jobs and food. With the unemployment the highest it has ever been in any country, people are fighting back and saying that they have a right to work and take care of their families. These demonstrations and protests can be seen all over the world and are contributing to the chaos in the current world.

The economic disasters in the world are causing people to be concerned, and they are ready to let their governments know that they have a right to earn a living. Inflation has hit worldwide and with rising food costs people are starting to riot. This has put more pressure on the governments to act, and in some cases leaders that have held office for years are being forced to leave.

Unemployment Continues to Rise

Whether you are in India or Belgium, Chile or Turkey, or India or Italy people are taking to the streets. They are no longer sitting and waiting for their government to figure out how to turn around their economic problems. People want answers. The demonstrations can be from a handful to tens of thousands, but the cry is the same no matter what the language is, they are scared and if their government cannot take care of the problem then they will take matters in their own hands. With so many people out of work today’s biggest concern is how they are going to feed their families especially when food prices continue rise along with food shortages.

Does Protesting Really Help

People protesting to their governments lets the officials know that people are getting desperate and solutions need to be found before there is total chaos. The problem is that the problems of the chaos in the current world have gotten out of hand. The governments are concerned about the financial markets instead of unemployment; people do not trust what the officials have to say. This along with government corruption is the largest cause of people against the establishment. Protesting is productive when it can be done in a civil manner. But most people are desperate so they may result to violence to make their point. It isn’t just the people that can be uncivil, governments can also cause harm.

People need to work and produce to feel some sort of worth in life. Until governments can start pouring money back into their own countries, and provide opportunities to manufacture and produce, the protesting will continue to escalate until there are civil wars instead of civil demonstrations. This may sound harsh but look at what is already happening within the chaos in the current world. You have martial law in most countries; some have curfews, and are given rations. The governments are sending in their armies to fight their own countrymen instead of some enemy that threatens their country. The people are becoming their own countries enemy.

Online Poker Room Review – 888 Poker

One of the most popular on-line gambling sites on the market today is 888 Poker because of its ability to attract some of the most well known professional gamblers in the industry today, such as Phil Helmuth and Annie Duke. Their site accommodates a wide gamut of players from the professional gamblers all the way to the novice downloading the games and learning to play poker for the first time. There are many advantages to playing at this site, and players can have the ultimate in gambling fun and be ensured of a great experience.

Playing for Free

As an introduction to gamblers who are just starting out and need to learn the rules of the various poker games, they can sit at a table, play for free, and figure out what makes the game exciting and enjoyable. New players can observe for an unlimited amount of time before they actually set up their account and play the game for real money. They ensure that all players sitting at their tables have the greatest experience for playing on-line poker. As an added bonus, new players can get advice from the pros and learn some of the best strategies and tactics that these winners have consistently demonstrated.


888 Poker offers some of the best promotions and bonuses of any of the gaming sites in the industry. They also offer seats in the “World Series of Poker” that is being held in Aruba this year, as well as other prizes that include trips to various places as well as tickets to some of the most exciting sporting events such as hockey games and wrestling matches. Many of these promotions are available without having to deposit any money; simply by downloading the software, and entering.

In addition the second Sunday of each month feature a poker tournament in which all the proceeds go to a specific charity, and it offers more than $2000 in prizes. These charities have includes such organizations as finding cures for epilepsy, AIDS, colon cancer and even has include the Fallen Heroes fund. It’s a great way to have a lot of fun and support a great cause in the process.

Rules, Rankings, and Betting

For players who don’t understand the rankings of the cards, instructions are also available to show the hands that outrank other combinations of cards. The rules for the games are also included in the web site, as well as structures for betting, which includes antes, raising, calling, and other defined rules and recommendations for playing and betting. Some of the games have limits on the ante and the pot, while others are unlimited.

For the gambler who is just starting out to learn the ethics of the games, the rules, the best ways to play and many of the strategies of the game, the 888 Poker site is one of the best because players can play for free until they are comfortable in their skills and understanding. This is a great site to play and learn the game of poker.

Food Shortages Are Causing The Chaos In The Current World

As food prices continue to rise and there is talk of food shortages throughout the world, people from all countries are starting to riot over food. This is such the case in Africa, Mexico and India. The poorest countries have the highest populations to feed and food is becoming scare. These riots and demonstrations are now moving into the wealthier countries such as Russia and China, and it won’t be long before we will have the chaos in the current world of food shortages hitting every country globally.

As countries that export the basic products of wheat, soybeans, rice, and corn start to realize that their own country is having food shortages the exportation to other countries will cease and those dependent on their food distribution from foreign companies will suffer a food shortage. Russia has already halted the exporting of wheat to other countries due to the droughts that they have suffered recently. The United States is very dependent on importing foods and because of shortages worldwide the prices of foods are increasing dramatically.

Contributing Factors

There may be many reasons for the food shortages that are occurring worldwide, but the most common one is demand based on the population. When you start having people that cannot purchase food because of not having the money to pay the high prices, or food not available, then you will have people fighting for the right to eat food. It is not like food is something that people can go without and survive, it is a basic livelihood. So people rioting because of food shortages are a sign that the chaos in the current world will continue to grow as the demand for food grows.

Reasons for Shortages

Extreme weather conditions are one reason given for the depleted source of food. Russia, a main wheat contributor, had several years of loss due to their drought. Australia and Jordan were struck with massive floods, not to speak of the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and other natural disasters that have plague the world in the last year. It is estimated that these extreme weather conditions will continue as we get further into global warming that is happening today. The other reason suggested is that governments are controlling crop production based on the commodity market and regulating when and how much farmers can grow.

Whether it is the weather or commodities it is plain to see that the continuing food shortage will keep prices going up, and as unemployment and economic inflations add to the mix people are going to get desperate. When there is desperation the chaos in the current world is hard to control. Already in places such as Mexico, the armies guard food rationing. The US government is now in charge of crop production through Homeland Security. And products such as corn are being used for fuel instead of food. With these kinds of conditions it is time to take stalk of what is really going on and tackle the problems now.

Big tournaments require smart strategy

Have you had an opportunity yet to be a part of major online poker tournaments (or one in a casino such as the WSOP)? The ones that start with more than 1,000 people? I have, and I can tell you from experience there’s a whole lot of action faster than you can click to keep up with it.

What do you do in this situation? It’s very easy to get caught up with the momentum of the tournament, even your individual table. But my advice is to resist the temptation. I don’t care if you’re sitting on pocket Aces (OK, that might be an exception, but you get the idea), play tight. Don’t bluff, don’t worry about situational betting, just sit back and watch the betting patterns of others around you. Learn the table a little. Odds are by the turn of the hour, half the players will already be out.

See, in these big tournaments, players are looking to stand out. It’s easy to get lost in the pack and find yourself “stuck in the poker mud” so to speak, so anxious players make moves outside of their comfort zone and common sense zone to try to double up early in an attempt to bully others off their table and out of the game. This allows them to progress easily to the next table. They figure with so many people in the tournament anyway, the odds that they’ll win by playing slow or their regular game are so slim it’s worth the risk to take the chance.

There’s actually some validity to this statement. However, for every one guy who’s going to be in a better position than you on FullTilt after a while, there’s three that’ll wish they’d had your patience. Plus, you won’t exactly be standing on your last leg. If you know how to stand up to a bully, especially an online bully, you can take the next step after an hour or so and begin to play your game. You’ll also have a good idea of how the bully bets outside of his “one big move.” This will give you the advantage, because you’ve been playing your own cards close to your chest, and the bully was probably worried more about making his big kill than exposing his betting patterns to the rest of the table. His loss will hopefully be your gain.

Splatter the Film: Punk and the Movies

With its arresting fashion style, incendiary antics, and violent flame-outs, it is no wonder that the punk scene has managed to leave indelible claw-marks on the face of film history. Let us take a look at how punk music and its scenesters have influenced cinema.

Of course, there are the documentaries which look at punk musicians themselves. These would include The Great American Swindle, which doubles as account and self-promotion for seminal punk band The Sex Pistols. If you prefer more of a retrospective account, try The Filth and the Fury. For something from the other side of the pond (and giving information on multiple bands), check out the first part of Penelope Spheen’s trilogy The Decline of Western Civilization. This movie is about L.A. punk bands.

Narrative films have also featured the punk scene. Sid and Nancy, starring Gary Oldman as the eponymous bassist, depicts the lead-up to the even that surely led to the implosion of the first wave of British punk. There is also the film What We Do Is Secret, which is about a much more obscure band called The Germs. (Incidentally, they were featured in Spheen’s movie, and their vocalist died shortly after filming on it wrapped).

However, punk is also about form, not just content. It may be argued that some of these movies “about” punk also represent punk artists selling out or being anti-punk, just from the fact of making movies promoting themselves. Punk is also an approach—one that can form a movie as well as a song. One such movie is Derek Jarman’s 1978 horror show (get the Clockwork Orange reference, droogs, since that film has some punk elements in it, too?) Jubilee. This was made on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee, and can be called the filmic twin of the Sex Pistols’ infamous barge incident. It shows the first Queen Elizabeth transported to a dystopian near-future Britain. The movie both celebrates and sends up punk—which is itself very punk, since the punk spirit is both aggressive and self-destructive.

We have already discussed punk’s influence on movies in terms of theme, approach, and subject matter. But what about punk’s contribution in terms of personnel? Are there famous actors who are or were part of the punk scene?

Actually, there are, though you might never guess it to look at the persons concerned now. One of the most famous is Elizabeth Hurley, a British actress and model known for her elegant bearing and past relationship to—of all people for an ex-punk to get together with—Hugh Grant. For a younger example, we may look to up-and-coming actress Katie McGrath. After going through a stage in her life when she sported the bright, deliberately outrageous hairstyles of the punk scene, she suddenly switched to a more gothic look: long, dark hair and pale skin. On TV, she plays Morgana (Morgan Le Fay) in a show based on Arthurian legend. A dark princess: how Goth! McGrath’s change from punk to medieval Goth “looks” amusingly mirrors the development of alternative music. After all, Goth did evolve from the post-punk movement.

The History and Evolution of Black jack – How the Game Grew to Fame

Most historians believe that the first game similar to black jack had been played in the 17th century in France which was then called vingt en un which means twenty one in French. This is believed to be the first ancestor of black jack.

Vingt en Un

The game was very similar to black jack though there were a few minor differences. Only the dealer was allowed to double and there had been different methods for betting. In vingt en un, the players were allowed to bet after each round unlike modern blackjack. However, the goal of the game had been the same, to reach as close to 21 as possible without busting. There had been also been a special bonus for a hand of Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades which is why the name black jack had been chosen.

Seven and Half Points

In Italy too around the same time there had been a game known as Seven and Half points which had been played. In this game, the face cards were used along with 7, 8 and 9 of all suits. The goal of the game had been to reach the target of 7 and a half points. All the cards were valued at one while the face cards were given the value of half a point. The King of Diamonds was like a joker and could substitute any card. The term “bust” had been derived from this particular game.

Blackjack in America

In the history of blackjack an important point had been when blackjack came to America after the French Revolution. The game gained much success since at that point there had been no restrictions or laws governing it. The professional gamblers realized that there was much potential in the game and very soon they started developing strategies which could help them improve their odds. During the 19th Century, gambling was declared illegal in the US since it was believed that it corrupted the society and encouraged organized crime.

Even though there it was banned, players continued to play blackjack underground and in fact it became even more popular then. As the laws of the government became tighter in the 1920s, the game managed to become all the more popular with the players. Later on in the year 1931, the Nevada Government made gambling legal again and it was then that the casinos in Las Vegas were born. Over the years, blackjack continued to gain popularity and attracted more people. Soon enough, everyone was trying to analyze blackjack themselves.

The first ever attempt to be ever made to study the game had been by Roger Baldwin along with some of his associates in the year 1953. This had been an important point in the history of blackjack. Various statistical theories and calculating methods had been used in order to gain advantage at the game. The findings of the study was published in 1956 and since then dozens of other strategy guides on blackjack have been published.

Poker Star T.J. Cloutier Biography

T.J. Cloutier (Thomas James Cloutier) is a professional poker star and one of only a few who has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. T.J. has proved over a lengthy poker career that he has the skills to beat anyone at the table on any given day and definitely deserves to be one of the select few who have been elected into the Poker Hall of Fame.

T.J. was born in Albany, California and grew up as an athlete who played a ton of sports in school and out of school. Cloutier attended the University of California, Berkeley and was on an athletic scholarship for football and baseball. T.J. has played in the Rose Bowl once during his time in university, but he was never able to graduate with a degree because his family had financial hardships which needed to be dealt with and were a higher priority at the time then schooling.

After dropping out of university Cloutier was drafted into the US Army. After serving time with the US Army Cloutier moved to Canada and played in the Canadian Football League (CFL). His career was ended though when he underwent a career ending injury. After the injury T.J. tried his luck with his own business which was in the food sector, but that didn’t pan out as expected. T.J. then started working on the oil rigs in Texas as well as playing poker in his off time.

Once T.J. realized that he could make more money playing poker then working out on the rigs he quickly quit his job to play poker everyday. Cloutier specializes in Holdem although he has won WSOP bracelets in other poker games as well throughout his career. T.J. has won six bracelets and finished in the money 54 times in WSOP tournaments which is an incredible number. Cloutier hasn’t seen as much success playing on the WPT or EPT and hasn’t won any titles, but between the two circuits he has finished in the money ten times in his career. Cloutier has made 39 final table appearances in WSOP events which is only trailing Phil Hellmuth who has made 41 appearances.

Over Cloutier’s career he has won just under $10 million in live tournaments which is great considering that when T.J. started playing the prize pools we’re much smaller then they are nowadays. Almost $5 million of Cloutier’s winnings have come when he is playing in WSOP events.

When T.J. isn’t playing poker he is usually busy writing poker content so that this generation of poker players have the knowledge they need to see success. He has co-written four books outlining strategy for tournament play, Holdem, Omaha and NL & PL Holdem. Cloutier has also just finishes writing his own book titled “How to Win the Championship – Holdem Strategies for the Final Table. The book was released for sale in 2006 so make sure you pick up your copy if you haven’t yet.

T.J. is one of the best player in the world and his poker resume is enough evidence for that statement. Not many other poker players have been able to win as many tournaments as T.J. or win as much money as he has in his poker career.

Calculating Pot Odds: A Beginner’s Guide

It is natural for beginners to the exciting game of real money poker wins to feel a bit left out of the action of being able to precisely and mathematically sustain their game like the more advanced level players seem to by accurately and most times, discreetly calculating pot odds. Well, this article aims at changing all that so that even beginner poker players can understand the importance and method of calculating – and acting in timely fashion – for the pot odds!

The main point beginner players must keep in mind when evaluating pot odds is whether a draw would be beneficial to their straight or a flush, which is the big question every new player is faced with, sometimes several times in the same session. So, just be prepared to take a timely and calculated call.

One common poker-playing scenario is when the opponent has a hand made and placing bet with the beginner in the pot with only a draw and little else. In this instance, when you are at the receiving end ‘drawing’ – you are typically holding 4 to a straight or 4 to a flush, in the hope of getting a card that gives you a winning hand. However, it is not advisable to continue playing on unless you have learned how to calculate the pot odds and whether these are likely to be in your favor or not, since a smart gambler should know when to throw ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. Beginners can learn the science of calculating pot odds for making profitable decisions at the right time so they can let a hand go or hold on to the one draw that can turn the odds to their advantage.

Now there is a certain similarity between calculating outs and pot odds; this is do-able and not harder than 7th grade math.

The below example is based on limit hold’em poker only because it is a simple way of explaining the game dynamics but works just as well in the higher risk, higher profit scenario of No-limit games as well. Take a look:

Suppose your game is the $1/$2 Limit Hold’em version and you have an ace and king of spades folded to you on the button on which you raise to a $2 amount. Both big and small blinds may call at this point and you are triple-handed for a flop of jack of spades, queen of clubs and a 3 of spades with the small blind placing a bet of $1 and a call made by the big blind.

Now you are at the level to determine the odds you are getting, so count the bets. 3 players placed $2 prior to the flop (that’s 3×2 equals USD 6) while the small blind placed a bet of $1 and the big blind called on this move (that’s 1+1 equals USD 2). So the pre-flop action value is USD 6 while 2 USD is flop action, totaling USD 8, leaving you to call $1 for winning the pot of $8. Thus, your chance of getting the pot odds is calculated at an instant 8-1 based on your call!

The card that comes at a later street is your out, which you now need to calculate for determining a winning hand; so if both opponents have a queen-pair and bad kicker, this leaves you with 6 ‘outs’ along with 2 over cards of yours in addition to 4 tens for making a straight that is 10 outs total.

At this point, you’ve seen 5 cards (your 2 hole cards + 3 on the board) from the 52; this leaves 47 cards in the deck, of which 10 will contribute on the turn to your winning hand and 37 will not. So, divide this by the outs and you get 3.7 (37/10), leaving you with the odds of 3.7-1. Finally, so your call on the flop is profitable the pot should lay you this value at least but we’ve already calculated the real figure is 8-1, thus it is a much greater positive expectation for you. Go for it!

Is Gambling on the Internet Addictive in Comparison to Gambling in a Casino?

There have been a lot of questions around the severity of gambling online compared to gambling in a casino. One argument is that there is no way online gambling is as bad as actual gambling because a lot of the times, the person does not play for real cash. Although there is the option to play for real money, some people still choose to just play for fun. It may be hard to believe, but the majority of people will play for real money at least once in their lives. Like playing in a casino, all it takes is one win to get someone hooked.

Is internet casino gambling as addictive as gambling at a casino? The answer to this question is yes. In fact, it could possibly be more addictive. Because people don’t have to play for real money, they never have to worry about losing all the money in their pockets because they aren’t actually using it. For example, the website is a site that one starts off with a certain number of chips and can play from there. When they get low on chips, they simply hit refill and get more. People are addicted to winning, and when they have nothing to lose, they can play for as long as they want to.

For those who do play for real cash, it not only becomes a silly habit but a full grown addiction. Most sites are set up via credit card and bank account, so the player can take money right from their accounts and use it. The problem is before they even realize it; they’ve spent all the money in their accounts on this silly website. When asked about online gambling addictions, a man who will remain nameless responded: “it was unreal how much I wanted to play. I just kept hitting the withdrawal button until it came up insufficient funds. That’s when I realized I had just spent my whole pay check on this website and now did not have the money to pay my bills.”

Even if the player doesn’t gamble with real money while playing Internet Slot Machines, it still sucks up all the time that one has. A mother of four battled with a gambling addiction for years; however, her addiction wasn’t losing all the money to a site; it was spending all of her time on a computer instead of taking care of her kids. “Before I knew it, I was always in front of our computer. I just kept winning and getting more excited about each win. I forgot to pick up my daughter from school and when she decided to walk home, she was abducted. I lost my eight year old because I couldn’t move from an online poker game.”

This is a harsh reality to face, but it’s good for informing people of how real online gambling addictions are. The signs are easy to see: a usually tidy house looks like a hurricane hit it all the time, the person seems to always be at the computer, and unfortunately, neglects their children’s needs. If you know someone dealing with this, try to get them the help they need.

Profile of Annie Duke – The WSOP Bracelet Winner


Annie Duke belonged to a poker family from Concord where her father and her brother Howard were both strong poker players. She attended the Columbia University and after five years into her doctorate she packed and moved to Montana with her husband Ben Duke. The move proved to be quite hard since they were struggling to make the ends meet. Annie then decided to try out the poker games. Her professional poker player brother helped out with her bankroll and with that Annie was able to put in countless hours into the game and became a good player.

Over time their financial problems evaporated and in 1994 they decided to move to Las Vegas since Annie Duke managed to win $70,000 at her first ever WSOP event. She had found her calling in poker and continued to prove that she was a strong contender.

Professional Career

Since her first WSOP event, Annie never looked back. In the year 2000 she narrowly missed the final table at the main event and even today she never competes in a women only event. In the year 2004, Annie won her first ever WSOP bracelet at the Omaha Hi-Lo event. She was invited to the Tournaments of Champions organized by WSOP where she made her way through 9 of the best poker players in the world which included Howard Lederer, her brother to win the champion’s status. She won a total of $137,860 in that event which was then the biggest prize won by a woman.

Annie Duke became a celebrity and she was soon a poker poster girl. She went on to prove that poker is not just a man’s game. She released her book which became quite successful and also appeared on plenty of television programs. She became a popular figure even in Hollywood. She took in Ben Affleck as a pupil and taught him all of her skills which eventually led him to win the California State poker Championship in the year 2004.

Even today Annie Duke continues to play the game and is a very active participant in many prestigious poker tournaments. In the year 2007 she participated in three events in WSOP and ended up at the final table. At the first ever WSOP Europe Championship she placed 21st.

When Annie is not playing poker she acts as a member of the UB Poker Team. However, family comes first for her. In the year 2004, she got divorced and moved to LA with her four children. Annie now lives with Joe Reitman, her boyfriend, fellow poker player, producer and actor. Her goal in life is to be able to handle her poker career while still being a good mother to her children. During her career Annie has managed to win quite a lot of accolades with more than $3.5 million through just tournament wins alone and therefore she definitely deserves the title of one of the best female poker players of all times.

Poker Mistakes and Bad Beats

Just as a lot of things are easier said than done, or just as it’s easier to fight for your principles than to actually live up to them, poker mistakes and bad beats show that there’s more to poker than just developing mathematical poker insight or having the expertise to manipulate hands through psychological tactics. Sometimes, even if you do everything right, there’s always a chance for you to lose to some contrived and lucky play by an inferior foe. Then again, since this is poker, that’s just the way it is, and it’s all part of the game. Just as skill and luck can go hand-in-hand in letting you win big, the lack of skill and luck can go hand-in-hand to make you lose a lot of games and, if you’re a betting man, a lot of money as ell.

What are Bad Beats?

Bad beats—otherwise known as a situation where you lose a hand in a particularly unfortunate, fluke-like, or inauspicious way—can and will happen even if you try your best to prepare against it. Granted, the better you play, the less likely you’ll encounter these situations, but it’s the nature of bad beats to happen through the luck of the draw, so you can never completely eliminate the possibility of them occurring. The bottom line here is that bad beats happen all the time, but you’ll only lose your hand once you make the wrong decision during a bad beat. Regular poker players know how to go with the flow and still find ways to win even if the odds are against them.

There’s also a type of jackpot called “bad beat jackpot” that can be earned whenever a player loses a qualifying hand. For example, the extra bad beat jackpot can be won by meeting the specific requirements of having a four of a kind hand lose to a straight flush. All the same, before you can use your skills to the fullest to induce a good poker play, you must first be able to recognize a good poker play; it’s just par for the course.

Bad Beats and Bad Poker Play

Because a flood of players have swept the poker world with the help of the Internet and the proliferation of online poker sites, it naturally follows that an inevitable influx of newbie players would come about as well. Tragically, many of these novices lack the insight to discern non-usual exceptions—that is, if you lose with AA for the first two times, you might get the erroneous and distorted perception on their value in contrast to if you won from it ten times then lost two in a row with your hand. Humans tend to try to find patterns on things that lack patterns, particularly games of chance and completely random events, which is erroneous thinking.

It’s only after you become a seasoned veteran who has played over thousands and thousands of poker hands that you know when bad beats happen and when you’re having a good game. Poker is the combination of luck, people skills, and mathematical ability, with luck being the foremost factor that levels the playing field between novices and veterans. With that said, new players tend to suffer from bad beats more often because their inexperience helps a lot in making mistakes that invite misfortune.

Rule Britannia: The Sex Pistols and Politics

In order to start understanding the politics of punk music and the punk scene in general, it makes sense to start with the Sex Pistols. This band was one of the most visible and infamous components of the scene. With song titles like “Anarchy in the UK” and “God Save the Queen” (not the national anthem), discussion of the band’s politics seems rather inevitable.

The Sex Pistols themselves appear to have been anarchists or nihilists. Their ideology was negative: a lot more about antis than pros. However, if we look at their mastermind, Malcolm McLaren, we will find a somewhat more articulate ideology. Before he formed the band, McLaren was affiliated with the group of left-leaning intellectuals known as Situationists International.

It can be said that the Sex Pistols as a phenomenon—or rather the sympathy between large numbers of British youth and the Sex Pistols—grew out of widespread dissatisfaction about Britain’s social and political situation. There was pervasive poverty and unemployment. Despite being a “modern” nation, Britain also seemed to also be under the spell of rampant class discrimination, social repression, and nostalgia for “better” times. England was dreaming, and the punks wanted to wake it with a good, hard kick in the unmentionables.

Still, this did not necessarily mean something as simple as overthrowing a monarch. The rot in society did not rest in a single person or group of people at the top. Rather, it also had to do with the rank fakery one found in all levels of society. Rotten’s lyrics seem to lambast the commoditization of history and nationhood. In “God Save the Queen,” he implies that one of the reasons people support the monarchy is because of the tourist dollars brought in by foreigners’ fascination with the royal family. In “Holiday in the Sun,” he gives an expounded excoriation of this same tourist mentality. The song is written from the point of view of a tourist who goes abroad on a lark to gawk at others’ suffering and the remains of Germany’s dark history. Instead, he finds a deep, dark, living abyss. He was looking for simple commodities, but, to his shock, found reality.

Many contemporary devotees of the Sex Pistols tend to be left-leaning in their politics. Some of them are socialists or leaders of unions. Also, if British punk has its roots in the plight of the working class, then many modern punks also prefer to side against the rich and privileged. However, the “umbrella” idea—and one certainly espoused by the Pistols—was one of rage against accepted authority, values, and aesthetics. Spit on the existing order, even if you have nothing to replace it with.

However, it must not be said that everyone associated with the Sex Pistols was or remained so hostile to existing order. Many punk scenesters of the “old school” tended to become more mainstream as they got older. Vivienne Westwood, a punk fashion icon who had a child with McLaren and learned a great deal of her politics from him eventually broke with him. Many years later, she was made a Dame—one of the highest honors bestowed by the United Kingdom, given officially by the Queen.